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About Us

IMAAM (stands for IMAAM, a.k.a Indonesian Muslim Association of America) is a religious, charitable, and non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Rockville, MD. Founded in December 21, 1993 by Indonesian Diaspora Muslims living in Washington DC area, IMAAM is governed by a nine-member, democratically elected board of trustees comprised of both men and women. As a burgeoning organization, IMAAM aspires to hold congregational prayers; undertake Islamic religious, charitable, educational, and cultural activities; promote friendly relations amongst Muslims and people of other faiths; and foster a Muslim community based on Islamic principles of solidarity, equality, and generosity as well as Islamic teachings of peace, love, and justice.

Currently in its 20th year, IMAAM serves not only first generation of Indonesian Diaspora in Maryland, but up to 3rd generation of them spreading across DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

IMAAM is also a member of DC-CCMO (Coordinating Council of Masjids and Organization of Greater Washington DC).

Telephone: 240-453-0808

Postal Address:
IMAAM Center
1611 Veirs Mill Rd
Rockville, MD 20851

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